The footprints of glass structures in Iranian architecture became serious and considerable almost ten years ago. We were inexperienced, but we started working on supply and implementation. We took the first step with a few small projects. The next step was to modernize the branches of Bank Saderat, Tejarat and Mellat with transparent structures, and then we focused on commercial, administrative and residential complexes across the country. The quality of a project is determined by the details of construction and implementation; Production outsourcing did not meet this need, and we decided to equip and operate the Partova Glass Structures Workshop; From design to construction, everything revolves around the needs of the project.

What do you need?

We are responsible for A to Z projects; exactly what you need.

Spider glass facade

  • Using a special facade analysis model
  • Eight stages of structural analysis to reach the most optimal point possible
  • Implementation according to ASTM Standards

Glass railling

  • Checking out the latest designs implemented in the world and reverse engineering for your project
  • Production of structures according to the desired quality of the project in the Partova workshop and saving time and money
  • Implementation according to ASTM Standards

Sky light

  • Specialized design of fixed and movable Sky light
  • Using a special facade analysis model
  • Implementation according to ASTM Standards


  • Dedicated design and analysis appropriate to commercial,
    office and residential complexes
  • Structural architecture with an approach to maintain individualization (character) and usability
  • Production of structures according to the desired quality of
    the project in the Partova workshop and saving time and money
There were many ups and downs, but the look was not apart from one point: Today’s Partova services should be better than yesterday.
Launched as a performer of transparent building instruments
Entering the field of supply as a complement to implementation. Production of structures required for the project, according to Partova maps, in domestic and East Asian factories.
Equipping and operating the Partova production workshop. Entering the Middle East market. Service delivery: design, production and execution for each project.
Focus on knowledge. Production of the first specialized scientific journal of transparent buildings in three different languages: Persian, English and Arabic. Service delivery: design, analysis, production and implementation of each project.
If it weren't for these approaches, we wouldn't be any different.

Integrated Engineering

Only when knowledge and experience watch over A to Z projects, the desired results of the employer appear.

One second is also important

Time means everything to us. Each Project Manager at Partova will be encouraged and questioned according to the time they save.


Each project can be more robust, less costly, and faster. We set up the structural analysis process and the project process to achieve these goals.

Time saved for each project per minute
Total projects done each year


Spider façade projects


Railings projects


Stairs projects


Number of overseas projects


Number of specialized scientific articles


Number of executives

The employer's leisure of remembering how to do the project even after delivery is a product that Partova has been trying to produce for a decade.

Management of Partova Engineering Manufacturing Company