Steps to obtain representation

1. Study the conditions for obtaining representation of Partova Engineering Manufacturing Company 2. Complete the agency application form

3. Conducting local research and visiting the place of activity by Partova experts to check the eligibility of the agency (according to the time announced by Partova Engineering Production Company to the applicant).
Please provide the following documents and provide them when visiting experts.

  • Copy the latest version and the first version of the business license.
  • Copy of ownership document.
  • Photo, copy of identity card and national card.
  • Copy of agency documents from other companies and purchase documents, copy of six-month turnover.

If the qualification is confirmed and the required score is obtained, the person will be introduced to the sales commission of the Partova Engineering Manufacturing Company in order to obtain representation. 4. After reviewing the completed file, and if approved by the esteemed management of the agent, the agency agrees and the agency code is issued, the account line is opened and the representative's information is entered in the sales system.
Note: The experts of Partova Engineering Production Company will accompany you in all stages of accepting the agency.
Important Note:
At the end of each year, Partova Engineering Production Company evaluates its representatives and gives them a record. If the group sees growth, it encourages its representatives, and will comment if it sees something like a price break, a drop in the overvaluation score of the designated installer, or a lack of activity (purchase) over a period of more than 3 months, in contact with the renewed representative.